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    Fight Colds and Flu Naturally, and Win

    Fight Colds and Flu Naturally, and Win

    Now that we’ve come to mid-January, a lot of our New Year’s goals are already being put to the test. Whether those goals are to eat healthier, exercise more, or spend more time with your family, getting sick can put a real damper on those plans.

    A bad cold or the flu can put a halt to your regular routine and threaten to derail your ambitious resolutions.

    Flu cases in the U.S. typically peak between January and early March. With a few at-home tips for prevention and treatment, I’ll help you tackle the cold and flu season.


    It’s important to establish the difference between the flu and a very bad cold.

    When you’re sick, it is often difficult to tell what’s making you ill. Flu symptoms often mimic cold symptoms with stuffy nose, aches, and coughs. The first step is always to take your temperature. Even with a bad cold, a fever will rarely be above 101 degrees, though a mild fever may be present.

    If you’ve determined that you have a cold, there are plenty of natural remedies to get you on the path to recovery.


    How to combat your severe cold from the comfort of your home:


    1. Drink more water and cut out caffeinated drinks as soon as symptoms start.

    2. Eat homemade chicken soup. Drink lots of warm liquids such as tea (use honey and not sugar).


    Symptom Relief:

    1. Use a neti pot to clear sinus congestion.

    2. Take a hot shower or use the steam from a teapot to clear stuffy head.

    3. Mix one teaspoon of table salt into a glass of warm water and gargle to ease sore throat.



    1. Get plenty of rest as your body recovers.

    2. Gargle with sauerkraut juice for 1-2 minutes, and then repeat in an hour if needed. This can ease 90% of sore throats and even mouth sores.


    Even when using all of these natural treatments, for colds lasting more than 14 days, or colds with a fever, persistent cough, extreme fatigue, painful sore throat or enlarged lymph nodes, seek medical care.

    It is important to remember that colds are caused by viruses not bacteria, and are not helped by antibiotic use. Some say that taking antibiotics for a viral infection can cause more harm than good by contributing to antibiotic resistance.



    Preventative steps, such as washing your hands, and sleeping and eating right can go a long way. If you come down with the flu, here are some natural remedies to help curb the aches and pains.

    How to naturally fight the flu:


    1. Boost your vitamin C. 4000-8000mg of liposomal vitamin C daily has been proven to combat flu symptoms. It is a great antiviral and antibacterial. Taking the liposomal vitamin C will help avoid the GI side effects of high dose vitamin C.

    2. Zinc – 50 mg daily is an effective preventive for all kinds of infections. – See more here

    3. Vitamin A, 10,000 IU – another component of cod liver oil that plays a major role in preventing infections by influencing the activity of T and B lymphocytes (white cells). – See more here



    1. Try eliminating carbs and sugar from your diet until you feel better. These can feed infection by literally crippling your immune system. Sugar feeds harmful bacteria. Your gastrointestinal tract controls up to 80% of your immune system. Instead, eat probiotic rich foods such as fermented foods.

    2. Drink homemade chicken soup. Try sipping hot water with lemon and honey. These hot liquids boost the immune system and aid in fighting the flu virus.

    3. Stay hydrated from the start. As soon as you feel symptoms coming on, reach for the water. And lots of it.


    Immune Boosters:

    1. Oregano oil, garlic, onion, elderberry and echinacea have been shown to provide protection against a wide array of bacteria and viruses in the body. These natural remedies act by either increasing your immune response or preventing the virus from replicating.

    2. More information about how to treat the flu naturally can be found here


    Lifestyle Management:

    1. Of course, getting lots of rest and avoiding stress can speed your recovery. Get at least 7-9 hours a sleep. Relaxation techniques such as deep breathing and yoga, as well as an established exercise routine all help regulate a healthy immune system.


    For additional information on these remedies, please visit these trusted sources:




    If symptoms persist or you have a fever above 102, please contact us or any medical professional right away.

    Write me at info@backtobasicsmedical.com for more helpful hints including some amazing natural remedies.

    Or if you have any questions about how to prevent and treat a cold and flu naturally, please call us to make an office, phone or virtual appointment with me.


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