Back to Basics Medical Robert Patterson MD Sanford NC
  • Direct Primary Care

    Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a relatively new healthcare model (about 10 years old) that allows you to receive comprehensive primary health care directly from Back to Basics Medical practice. You pay a monthly fee that gives you full access to primary care, a yearly physical/wellness exam, walk-in care as needed, chronic disease management and minor procedures. It also includes coordination of all care with specialists, hospitals, or medical centers as needed.

  • Benefits of DPC

    Direct Primary Care is both personal and affordable. Benefits include full access to primary care, minimal co-pays (based on the plan that you select) and no limit on visits. Your monthly membership fee covers a yearly general physical/wellness exam, women’s healthcare, wellness education, minor procedures, and chronic disease management. Our visits are less rushed and our staff strives to provide the best care possible in a compassionate, caring, and comfortable environment that is centered around our patients.

  • DPC Services Include

    • Access to your doctor after hours, weekends, and holidays. DPC members have 24 hour access by way of email, telephone or video conferencing.
    • Extended, relaxed visits. You won’t feel rushed. We’re happy to answer your questions.
    • Same day and next day service and appointments. Your DPC membership allows you priority care when you have an urgent or unexpected medical need just as it does when scheduling routine appointments.
    • A yearly physical/wellness examination, including specific annual and semi-annual blood tests. Lab drawing fees are separate.
    • Urinalysis, EKG, breathing tests, and many other procedures are all included in your membership. Additional services are available and can be provided at deeply discounted rates to all DPC Members.
  • DPC Platinum

    The DPC Platinum Plan provides priority access to all services, unlimited visits, and yearly physical/wellness exams. With the Platinum Plan, there is no charge for call-in prescriptions, completion of forms and record releases, or after hours care by way of phone or email with Dr. P or a staff member.
    Special discounts (Tier Two) for all additional services and procedures performed in the office are also available.